Welcome to the MA library blog!

Hello and welcome to the Marin Academy Library blog.  We are really excited to begin blogging from MA about the school and the world as well as publishing ideas, news, and thoughts that we hope will challenge, enlighten, and inspire you.  At the top right of this page you’ll find other pages in the blog, and along the right side we’ve included links to resources elsewhere online.

To read more about the MA Library blog and how it works, follow the What, How, and Why link at the top of the page.

On our home page you can expect to find posts about recent events, book reviews, and ideas that shape us.

Reasons you might contribute to this blog

  • Is there a book you’ve read that you want to share with everyone?
  • Is there a website that you are sure would help your friends in the their academic and creative lives?
  • Would you like to publish an editorial online so the rest of the MA community can get in on the conversation?

If you’d like to see your writing posted here as a resource for the rest of MA, send your (well-crafted and spell-checked) thoughts to tcalvert@ma.org.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the MA library blog!

  1. Hi Trevor –

    Really nice job on the new blog! Great layout and ease of use, plus great colors and simplicity. I went to the catalog (which I had never done on online) and of course checked out The Delicious Page.

    I’d love to get your advice about a music program project that uses similar technology.


  2. Hi Bob,

    Great! I’d love to chat with you about a music program project. What does it involve? Come by the library anytime or float me an email.


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