The right to read what we want…

…has been challenged often throughout our history by those who would choose for others what is acceptable to read–usually because of enforcement of a particular world view, moral outrage, paternalism, etc. Sometimes these challenges are successful and books are banned from libraries and schools. And what is, exactly, a banned book?

ALA Banned Book Week Poster 2010

This week, and until October 2, is Banned Books Week! Take some some time this week to look at some of the books that have been challenged (and sometimes successfully banned) from libraries around our country. Books like Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye, The Kite Runner, and many others have been denied to some because others decided that they should not be read. And maybe spend some time thinking about what type of society may emerge when this type of censorship is accepted. Do some have the right to tell others what they cannot read? What if the book is dangerous or encourages what you would describe as morally wrong behavior? What do YOU think?

Check out the links below for other Banned Book Week resources:

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