Book review for Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters

Pretty Monsters
By Kelly Link

Link’s latest collection of stories is her first aimed at young adults (most of the protagonists are teens), yet the stories aren’t really that different from the fiction she writes with adult characters. And this is a good thing; she’s not writing down to anyone, and the stories are fantastic. There are werewolves, ghostly baby-sitters, goddesses, phone booths, surfers, siblings, a dead girlfriend and a poet. Best is Link’s comfort with ambiguity and her staunch resistance of comfortable conclusions and decisions. Throughout these stories are people acting in very believable ways despite very strange circumstances-they behave the way we we would, only we really don’t know how we would in similar circumstances; somehow Link does. One of my favorite stories, “Pretty Monsters,” has the best conclusion of any story I’ve read this year, and “The Wrong Grave” is one of the most original stories I’ve read in a long while. Fans of the fantastic, the macabre, the sweet and the sad should enjoy this book’s nonchalant surreality and abundant, honest emotions.

Have you read this already? What did you think? Leave a comment! 🙂

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