MA Library Book Sale — Redux

Last Thursday’s book sale at the MA Back to School Night was tremendous! As always, meeting the people who have raised the wonderful kids that fill this school is such a pleasure; add to that delicious snacks (which always feels slightly transgressive as this is the only night when one can eat in the library), interesting people, and, best of all, talking about books which we think are terrific additions for MA’s community.

This year we sold 100 books (yes!) ranging from physics & chemistry to an argument against vegetarianism; a graphic novel about Richard Feynman to a biography of Cleopatra; a two-volume set of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings & homes to a history of British army nurses; and so much more. Thanks to the generosity of MA parents and faculty, the library raised $3,000!

Our library loves books and learning, and knowing that our community of parents and faculty does too is so rewarding. These books shall soon be catalogued, processed, and on the shelf, so keep an eye on the new book display at the library’s entrance! All of our cataloging is original, so transforming a book to a fully fledged library monograph with a bibliographic record takes a little longer, but it’s always worth it as the content is always tailored for our specific community. I could write a whole post only cataloging, but I fear this may be exciting only to librarians and information-nerds; so this seems like a good stopping place. I hope you enjoyed the update, and I look forward to seeing you behind a good book!

photo of some of the books sold during the back to school night book sale

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