Guest Blogger Emi reviews Paolini’s Inheritance


Random House, 2011, 880 pp.
Christopher Paolini

Review by Emi Lemberg

One war stands between freedom and imprisonment for the land of Alagaësia: the war of Uru’baen. Will Nasuda be able to keep the Varden’s spirits up long enough to battle King Galbatorix? Will Eragon and Saphira have the power to kill King Galbatorix when the time comes?

Eragon and his dragon Saphira have come a long way since they first met in Palancar Valley. Trained and seasoned in battle, Eragon and Saphira are ready to take Galbatorix down once and for all, or die trying. With Arya and the Varden at their side, Eragon and Saphira march from Surda to Uru’baen in a hope to bring peace to Alagësia.

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, this epic conclusion of the Inheritance Cycle satisfies many of the series’ questions while still leaving the reader yearning for more. Inheritance starts with a bang and a battle, continuing to increase momentum until the last page of the book. Eragon and fantasy book lovers will not want to miss Paolini’s fast paced, action packed conclusion to the mysterious land of Algaësia.

Thanks for the terrific review, Emi!


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