Summer Reads 2012!

The list is here! As chosen by your peers, here is the list for 2012’s Summer Reading!

Marin Academy’s Summer

Reading Selections, 2012

Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (Fiction)

Discussion led by Zane Morrissey and Anne Williams


Tells of a world where criminal psychopaths rule the night.

Paper Towns by John Green (Fiction)

Discussion led by Lucy Sogard, Erin Van Gessel, Tess Winston

Tells the story of a two high school seniors on an all-night road trip of revenge, pranks, and self discovery.

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (Fiction)

Discussion led by Lucie Fleming and Cora Swanson

Tells the story of a 10 year old Jewish girl who tried to protect her younger brother during World War II and how 60 years later she must come to terms with the past.

Swerve:  How the World Become Modern by Stephen Greenblatt (NonFiction)

Discussion led by Max Norman and Francisco Kilgore

Tells how Lucretius’ poem “On the Nature of Things” dramatically affected the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the world in which we live today.

World War Z by Max Brooks (Fiction)

Discussion led by Peter Schneider and Yasmine Eichbaum.

This oral history of the great zombie war documents the encounters survivors have had with the undead.

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