Two reviews from guest blogger Jake!

This week, we’ve got two great reviews from Jake! Thanks, Jake!

The Last Policeman

By Ben H. Winters

Last Policeman

A winding novel that gives introspection on the delicate subject of legacy, The Last Policeman could be described as an acquired taste. Plot wise, it can be slotted into a mystery, but it certainly doesn’t read like one. Hank Palace’s path through the facts is slow and ponderous, often interrupted by deep reflections of what it means to live under impending doom. The author certainly does a good job of expressing the collective societal attitude, one of depression and apathy, through the various characters and the meditations of the policeman. If you like to see the deep questions addressed, give this book a read by all means. If your story is more fast-paced action, let me direct you to Alif The Unseen.






Alif the Unseen

By G. Willow Wilson

Alif the Unseen
Alif the Unseen. 431 pages. Grove Press, 2012.

This novel is a romp. It’s pseudo-cyberpunk with a Middle Eastern flair, and does not lack for action. It’s not a particularly intelligent read, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s fun and light, and fast. I tore through the book with a combination of enthusiasm and flow, which the book does very well. I can’t remember being frustrated by cliffhangers, but they, along with the pace, kept me going. The mix of technology and magic is not particularly common, and I always appreciate a new concept. It’s not a novel that could be called great, but it’s certainly a good, satisfying read.

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