Mariko and Jillian Tamaki at the MA Library May 6

Marin Academy Library is excited to announce that we will be hosting Jillian and Mariko Tamaki at the MA Library on May 6 at 12:30. Their first graphic novel, Skim, was critically acclaimed and already their next project is drawing positive attention. 23155-v1-338x338

From Publisher’s Weekly:

“To me, summer was always this liminal phase,” said Canadian writer Mariko Tamaki. She said that, while kids experience an intense social structure at grade school,23156-v1-197x summer provides relief—but it also raises new questions: “It went from being imaginary games and playing ponies to spending all this time at the corner store because there were cute boys there.”

She was talking about the concept of her latest book This One Summer (First Second). Written by Mariko and illustrated by lauded artist—and cousin of Mariko—Jillian Tamaki, their new YA graphic novel comes out this May. This is the duo’s second graphic novel together; their first was the acclaimed young adult graphic novel Skim, a story of unrequited love with a teenage Japanese Canadian lesbian protagonist at its center.

This One Summer examines the adult world just as much as the adolescent world. The novel focuses on sullen Rose and exuberant Windy. Rose’s parents are constantly fighting, and her new crush barely knows she’s alive. During the span of a few weeks, Rose confronts a buried family secret, and Windy feels as if she’s losing her closest summertime friend.

Subtle and thoughtful, this graphic novel emphasizes realism and emotion rather than fantasy and spectacle: It’s for readers young and old who prefer “My So-Called Life” to “The Hunger Games.” With stunning art by Jillian—who also illustrates for the New York Times, the New Yorker, and more—This One Summer is as ephemeral, breathtaking, and heartbreaking as summer love itself. The book is printed entirely in blue.

Be sure to come by and be among the first to to see them on their book tour!

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