Catch up with Your Librarians!

While Derek is away on sabbatical we have a new librarian, Amy, joining us at MA for the spring semester. Let’s catch up with your MA librarians and see what they’re currently liking, listening to and reading!



Currently listening- If I’m being honest, it’s probably Taylor Swift.  Or the 80’s station in my car.

Currently reading- Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Paper Towns by John Green, The Half-Blood Prince (for the millionth time, I re-read the HP series every year) by JK Rowling and Hunger by Michael Grant.

Current Favorite book- Hmmmm.  I hate choosing only one, but if forced to choose I’d say The Dark Tower by Stephen King.  Or anything by Neil Gaiman.  Or any of the Harry Potters.  This question is way too hard.

Favorite movie- The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite band- The Decemberists

Random trivia- I’m obsessed with Sylvester Stallone and know way too much about 80’s action movies.


Currently listening- this morning I was listening to Boris’s Akuma No Uta

Currently reading- waaaay too many, but just finished and loved Jeff Vandermeers Southern Reach Trilogy

Current Favorite book- Wow. Favorite book? Super difficult! I guess I would give it to The Collected Poetry of Wallace Stevens.

Favorite movie- This year, I loved  Guardians of the Galaxy, but Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man with Johnny Depp (and a great soundtrack recorded as he watched the movie by Neil Young!)

Favorite band- The Pixies.

Random trivia- I have a running mix comprised of only Kanye West and M83. It’s a weird combo, but it keeps me running.

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