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Whatever you do, DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES. 

Malorie hasn’t looked outside her house in four years.  She and her children sleep blindfolded with mattresses and blankets covering the doors and windows. Malorie is a young mother to two children, known to her only as “Boy” and “Girl”.  She’s a hardened survivor in a postapocalytic world gone mad, now forced to raise her children to use their other senses, because sight is no longer an option. Just a mere glimpse of whatever is outside makes people violent and suicidal in the most horrific ways imaginable.  And now, the three of them must leave the house.

The Bird Box tells of Malorie, Boy and Girl’s blindfolded journey to escape the horror that seems to be stalking them around every corner. (I know what you’re thinking: “how is it scary if they’re blindfolded?”  Trust me when I tell you, it makes it all the more TERRIFYING.) While they travel, Malorie revisits on the past four year period, where survivors banded together in her house to try to stay alive and struggled as all communication with the outside world was cut off.  No one was allowed outside without a blindfold and no one has ever lived long enough to describe the horror outside the front door. As the two stories intertwine, the reader begins to wonder why Malorie now lives in an empty, blood stained house that used to be full of survivors.

Malerman creates a tense, electrifying environment, a world where you can’t trust your own senses.  As his characters grope their way through the darkness, you feel the creature directly in front of them, next to them and all around them.  Living in a world of complete darkness, the reader begins to question their own blindfold and their need to see what is coming up right behind them.

Read this one will all your lights on.

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