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At 29, Katie’s life is going pretty darn well. She’s a successful chef at a well reviewed, popular restaurant that she helps run and she has plans to open an even better spot very soon. Then all at once everything starts to go wrong: her location falls through, her charming ex-boyfriend reappears, her best waitress is hurt (in an accident that could be called Katie’s fault) and her fling with the other chef goes very sour. And just like that, Katie’s life goes from pretty awesome to pretty terrible in the span of one day.  All she needs now is a second chance, everybody deserves one right?

In the middle of the night a strange girl dressed even stranger appears in Katie’s room.  She gives Katie a change to do it all over again, by handing her a simple set of instructions in a small notebook:

1. Write down your mistake.

2. Ingest one mushroom.

3. Go to sleep.

4. Wake anew.

And after following those simple, yet weird instructions, Katie goes to bed and when she wakes, her previous day starts all over again like the bad stuff never happened.  But soon, Katie wants another do-over and another, which is against the rules of the strangely dressed girl who may or may not live inside her dresser.  Once Katie decides to take matters into her own hands and refuses to follow the rules, she begins to learn that there are consequences for her actions…and sometimes even her best intentions go very, very badly.

Overall this novel is visually striking, with a tight, engrossing narrative that will make you want to blow through the 300 pages within a few hours.  The lovable cast makes you truly care what happens to them, while the gorgeous environment drawn by O’Malley pulls you in to the story.  I’m obviously always a huge fan of a redheaded heroine, but Katie is also easy to root for and easy to sympathize with.  Who hasn’t wanted a chance to correct mistakes, rewrite the past and influence the future?

Even if you don’t love graphic novels, give this one a try. It’s pure magic.

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