Amy’s Book of the Week

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Okay, so the first thing I’m going to say to you about my book of the week is- ignore the lame, floofy cover.  This book is totally, TOTALLY awesome, but this cover is terrible and makes it look like some sort of Mardi Gras Twilight.  Buy it on your Kindle if the cover embarrasses you too much to carry it around.

It opens with the lines:

“Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.”

Don’t let that fool you either.  This book is about so, so much more, there’s nothing cliché about this story, trust me.  This goes beyond angels and demons, it goes beyond a simple love story.  What if everything you thought about “angels” and “demons” was wrong?  What if there was good and bad inside both races?  In this book you go in their midst, into their world, their centuries-long wars and their own wrongly held beliefs.  Everything turns upside down.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, on to the book!  Karou is a 17 year old art student with a terrible, selfish boyfriend.  She lives in Prague, paints and goes to art school.  Which sounds normal right?  But, everyone knows that there is an air of mystery around Karou.  First off, she has blue hair that looks like it naturally grows that way.  She also has strange tattoos that she can’t explain and she frequently disappears without warning, then shows up again injured.  Let me just say- Karou is an awesome heroine. She’s intelligent, crafty, witty, strong and take charge.  I loved her all throughout all three books (which is saying a lot cause heroines frequently annoy me).  One day, Karou meets an “angel” and her life changes forever.  Like, CHANGES.  Big time.  I’ll stop there as not not spoil the surprises ahead.

The world Laini Taylor creates in this book is beyond insanely magical.  Her ideas, narrative and description are inventive, thought provoking and transport you to a whole new world.  The writing is in a word, fantastic.  This book is written the way fantasy novels should be written- with supernatural enticements, strong female characters, fantastical wonder, and even a bit of grim horror. Oh, and the twists and turns too.  You can’t have a great story without some killer twists and turns – which, you may be happy to know, this novel has in abundance.  I think the highest praise I’ve seen for Daughter of Smoke and Bone comes from Patrick Rothfuss, (who wrote one of my other favorite trilogies The Kingkiller Chronicles.  Read that too.), said “WOW.  I wish I had written this book.”  It’s that good you guys.

In short, I never wanted this book to end, I could gush about it for hours.  And now after writing about it, I’m gonna go read it again.

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