Amy’s Book of the Week!


This is actually the series that got me into reading comic books.  My husband asked the comic book store guys for something I would enjoy (I’m sure it was so I would stop rolling my eyes when he went to the comic book store every weekend), and this is what they picked.  And let me tell you, it was a perfect choice.  Fairytales existing in modern times?  I’M SO IN.

A little about the plot- The city of New York is full of fairytale and fable characters, you just don’t know it.  They’ve been forced into exile after their enemy, known only as “The Adversary”, conquered their fabled lands.  Though they still have all of their powers, they’re forced to live in our mundane, un-magical world.  Disguised as normal citizens in modern day New York, they have created their own secret society within a luxury apartment building on the Upper West Side.  This hideout is known as Fabletown, Snow White is the assistant to the mayor of Fabletown and pretty much runs the show.

This is no story with a “happily ever after” though, when Snow White’s party girl sister Rose Red is apparently murdered, it’s up to the sheriff of Fabletown, the big bad wolf Bigby to solve the crime.  I know what you’re thinking- “The big bad wolf?!  You can’t trust that jerk.”  But, that’s the other thing with Fabletown, everyone’s pasts have been pardoned and they’re supposed to live together in harmony like one big, happy dysfunctional family.  I’m sure you can guess how well that goes.

All of your favorite characters are here- the womanizing Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast (who keeps accidentally turning into a beast when he and Beauty are mad at one another), the scheming Jack from the beanstalk, witches, ghosts and more. The fables don’t age and this has lead to several complications, Snow White is divorced and a lot of the fable couples have separated. There’s also a farm upstate where the animal fables and fairytales who can’t blend into normal society live…and they might be a little resentful of the forced separation.

The artwork is gorgeous and the story lines are addicting.  In the first few books alone there is a murder investigation, kidnappings, a planned coup, an assassination attempt, romance and tons of adventure.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a comic book or graphic novel fan, give these a shot.  You’ll definitely read happily ever after…at least until the series ends (don’t worry, there are 149 issues).

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