Amy’s Book of the Week!


In the Before, Amy is at home watching TV when it happens, when the world is attacked by Them.  These terrifying creatures move quickly and literally devour mankind.  Most of the population is overtaken, but Amy manages to survive because of her parents eco and security fanatical lifestyle.  Now she lives in the After.  She lives on her own for a long time, until one day she sees a toddler alone in the dilapidated grocery store.  From that moment on, it’s Amy and Baby against Them.  The creatures can’t see well and rely on their hearing, so Amy and Baby learn their own version of sign language and only go outside under the cover of night.  After years of hiding, avoiding the few roaming, menacing gangs of men that have survived and sneaking around in complete silence, Amy and Baby see a ship.

They’re captured and soon realize that their captors aren’t Them, but people.  There’s a stronghold of survivors up north called “New Hope”.  It’s a former government research compound and it’s full of food, safety and shelter.  However, soon Amy begins to realize that New Hope isn’t serene, it’s sinister.

I read this book every spare moment I had over the weekend, it was impossible to put down.  Besides sharing a name, I really liked Amy as a heroine.  She was strong, stubborn, fierce and smart, everything I like in an awesome lady protagonist.  Her relationship with Baby was beautiful and heartbreaking, their sisterly bond keeps them both sane and hopeful in the After.  Lunetta’s descriptions are vivid; you can almost feel the creatures running toward you, their breath reeking of rotting flesh.  The most chilling part is when you realize that maybe the creatures aren’t the most dangerous thing out there in the dark, maybe the other survivors are.

There are SO MANY twists in this book!  Every time I thought I could put it down to do something else, there was a whole new surprise in the plot and I had to keep reading.  Once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down until the story is over.  And then you’ll instantly start looking for the sequel (which I’m reading now).

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