Amy’s Book of the Week!


Every ninety years, twelve gods reincarnate as humans.  And they’re not just ordinary humans, they’re pop stars.  They’re worshiped, adored and obsessed over like the ultimate gods they truly are.  But, the caveat is they’re only allowed to live for two years, then they have to wait another ninety to be reincarnated again.  Except this time, someone wants them dead.  But, who would be powerful enough to kill the Gods?

When the story opens we meet Laura, a mortal, non-divine human teenager who is obsessed with the Gods.  At a concert of one of the Gods, she meets Luci, which she soon learns is short for Lucifer.  But, Luci’s not evil like you think…or is she?  Laura befriends Luci (well, as much as one can befriend Lucifer, I suppose) and is drawn into the world of the divine.  After a thwarted assassination attempt on the Gods, Luci kills the would-be killers and is taken into police custody.  What happens next leaves you wondering- is Luci truly good?  Or is she just that good at being evil?

The artwork is GORGEOUS and the characters are fascinating.  If you don’t know your mythology well, it’s fun to learn about the gods as you go along in the story. The series deserves major points for diversity- it has a mixed race protagonist, non-white gods and LGBT characters.  The Faust Act collects issues #1-5 and I loved it so much I instantly went to my local comic book store to buy the next issue.

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