Why we should read more poetry

Poetry can only be said as poetry, if it can be said as anything else, it is that.

Poetry’s month is more than April.

Poetry is mysterious so if you announce you read or write it, people will want to talk to you.

Poetry can describe things and it can also do things.

Poetry does not look away, so sometimes has a sad smile.

Poetry is indivisible, or to say this another way, it is always itself.

Poetry is not math (though sometimes this is not true—sometimes they are interchangeable).

Formal poetry will ask you to the dance and all your friends will wonder about you and your new relationship.

Poetry has driven all the way to Boulder, CO and back without stopping.

Poetry has never been photographed, though it is the opposite of vampires because poetry is a shape-changer.

Poetry is on snapchat.

Poetry was there during the Renaissance, and also in San Francisco.

If you sit quietly, poetry will sometimes find you and rest its head in your lap.

Poetry is brutal and honest.

Poetry asks more than it states.

Once, in college, poetry did not go to all of its classes.

Poetry will not abandon you, and you can find it almost everywhere.

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