New Books for the Week of 2/20/17

New this week at the MA Library: DC gets a much needed rebirth, Marvel gets gritty, and reference books galore.



Batman Detective Comics vol 1: “Rise of the Batmen” by James Tynion IV
An elite fighting force has stolen the mantle of the Dark Knight and invaded the streets of Gotham. While their equipment and tactics mimic Batman’s, they are far more sophisticated, their motives are murky, and their targets aren’t villains but vigilantes. Batman knows he can’t defeat the enemy army so with Batwoman as his general he recruits the next generation of Gotham’s heroes: Tim Drake aka Red Robin, Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, aka the Orphan, and Basil Karlo aka Clayface. When they go to war, will they stand together or fall apart?

Black Widow vol 1: “S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Most Wanted” by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
Black Widow goes on the run when her darkest secrets are revealed. Soon, S.H.I.E.L.D. turns on its best agent and Natasha must fight tooth and nail against the people she once trusted. As Black Widow seeks answers and hunts down the Weeping Lion, she faces old enemies and the new faces of the Red Room. All roads lead to a collision with Iron Man.

Essential Daredevil vol 1: “The Man Without Fear!” by Stan Lee
Long before his days as the urban protector of gritty Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil was known as the Man Without Fear. A childhood accident robbed Matt Murdock of his sight – but in exchange, blessed him with an extraordinary radar sense. Donning a colorful costume, Matt used this powerful gift to fight an ingenious array of super-villains.

Doctor Strange vol 1: “The Way of the Weird” by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo
Doctor Strange wakes up nearly naked in an odd location, with no spell books, no weapons, and no memory of how he got there in the first place. Not to mention why every monster in the world is after him. As a new visitor to Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum learns one door can lead to oblivion, Strange’s friends and allies go up against their greatest threat yet. Evil is destroying all the magic in the multiverse, and they’ve set their sights on Strange’s dimension.

East of West vol 2: “We Are All One” by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta
Death continues to seek his revenge and recover the son stolen from him and his enemies are closing in. Civil unrest threatens the stability of the Seven Nations.

East of West vol 3: “There Is No Us” by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta
Tensions continue to ratchet up as the Seven Nations move closer and closer to all out war and the three childlike Horsemen of the Apocalypse plot to murder Death’s son.

Gotham Academy vol 3: “Yearbook” by Brendan Fletcher, Adam Archer, and Sandra Hope
As the first semester winds down at Gotham Academy, the series looks back with a yearbook-style collection of short stories about the students by various artists and writers.

Moon Knight vol 1: “From the Dead” by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey
Between being himself, an aspect of the Egyptian moon-god Khonshu, and the superhero vigilante Moon Knight, Marc Spector is having a heck of a time keeping track of his trio of personalities. The night’s greatest detective is out to save a city as twisted as himself, but the road to victory is paved with pain. Moon Knight takes on ghosts, insane and sleep-deprived patients, the mob, and the Black Spectre in this mind-bending adventure.

Nightwing vol 1: “Better than Batman” by Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez, and Chris Sotomayor
Dick Grayson, the former circus performer turned Batman sidekick turned grown-up vigilante turned secret spy, is back to reclaim his old identity as Nightwing. But stepping into his former life isn’t as simple as putting on his Nightwing costume. Batman insists on Dick working alone, and his one-time girlfriend, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, has her own life now kicking villainous butt in Burnside. When a mysterious new masked man calling himself Raptor descends on Gotham, it’s up to Grayson to determine if he’s friend or foe. Nightwing and Raptor come to blows with the Court of Owls, a sinister and long-reaching criminal organization that’s nearly brought down Batman and his proteges many times before.



Becoming Who I Am: Young Men on Being Gay by Ritch C. Savin-Williams
Presents interviews with gay teens and commentary about the general behavioral patterns experienced gay teenagers.

Bilingual Education
Presents fourteen essays with differing viewpoints on bilingual education.

Daughters of the Samurai: A Journey from East to West and Back by Janice P. Nimura
Describes the events surrounding the five young girls who were sent by the Japanese government in 1871 to the United States to learn Western ways to nurture a new generation of Japanese male leaders. The girls – Sutematsu Yamakawa Oyama, Ume Tsuda, Tei Ueda, Shige Nagai, and Ryo Yoshimasu – grew up as typical American schoolchildren before returning to Japan in the 1880s where they set about revolutionizing women’s education. Includes information on Aizu domain, Alice Mabel Bacon, the Iwakura Mission, Vassar College, and Shige Uriu.

Sexual Assault and the Military
Presents fifteen essays from different viewpoints about the issue of sexual assault in the American armed forces.

Transgender People
Presents seventeen essays with differing viewpoints about transgender people and their rights.

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